Polaries SnoCross Nintendo 64

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Please note: this is a pre-owned video game. The condition/rating scale was created in-house, to better help serve you! Remember, we are not a professional grading company, so your opinion may differ from ours. 


-"Complete in Box" Refers to an item that includes original cartridge, box, and manual.

-"No Manual" Refers to an item that includes the original cartridge, and box.

-"Cartridge Only" is a loose cartridge and does not include a box, or inserts. 

*PLEASE NOTE* In any tier of condition, there may be imperfections present. Significant imperfections will be noted. All carts are in working order, regardless of aesthetic condition, and have been tested unless otherwise stated. 


6 -  Brand new and unopened condition.

5 -  Excellent condition, with very minimal wear and tear

4 -  Above average condition, minor wear and tear

3 -  Not Pristine, but not too bad. Average Condition.

2 -  Obvious wear and tear, below average condition

1 -  Significant, flaws/wear and tear 

Cover art may slightly differ from stock photo. Pictures of actual item, MAY be available upon special request.


Head out onto the icy slopes and get that throttle cranking. Showcasing intense snowmobile competition, POLARIS SNOWCROSS features 10 unique racecourses each landing somewhere between a realistic slope and a roller coaster ride. Each race that you win in a tournament earns you points that will help you soup up your snowmobile. You begin with three points, which can be spread out or allocated to one particular feature. The graphics and sound alone are enough to add this title to your library, but the gameplay will blow you away.