DVD/Video Game Disc Repairs

Ways your discs can get scratched

  • Your XBOX 360 machine tips over and scratches a ring around the disc
  • Your child thinks your disc is a play toy
  • Company uses your disc as a coaster
  • Someone mistakes your disc for a frisbee

Did you know you could have your discs repaired at Just For Fun Video Games?

Are you tired of skipping and stalling while you are playing your video games or watching your movies? Have you ever just given up and tossed your beat up discs in the trash? Save your time, money, and the planet by restoring them to clean and scratch free condition. For a fraction of the cost to replace your disc, you can make your discs practically brand new.

How much does it cost?

For 1 repair we charge $8
For 5 repairs we charge $6/disc
For 10 repairs we charge $5/disc

Have more than 10 discs that need to be repaired? Call our store and speak to one of our specialists or send us a message!