World War Z Playstation 4

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Please note this is a pre-owned video game and some online features or downloadable content may not be included or still in service.  Any bonus content DLC codes may have already been used or be expired and are not expected to be valid

"Disc only" is a loose disc and does not include a case, cover art or inserts.

"W/Case" includes Original Case and Cover art.  (paper inserts included if available, however not guaranteed) 

Cover Art May Slightly Differ from Stock Photo.


World War Z is an exciting third-person cooperative shooter designed for four players on clashes with hordes of zombies rummaging in search of prey. Designed for modern consoles and personal computers, the game World War Z with a dynamic gaming process based on the very popular namesake film Paramount Pictures Studio will open new scenarios and heroes from different countries of the world whose mission is to survive in dramatic, hyper-difficult and terrible circumstances.