Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 Playstation 2

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Ride with the skills of the undisputed King of BMX and 10-time World Vert Champion, Mat Hoffman or 10 other top pro riders including Mike Escamilla, Kevin Robinson, Simon Tabron Joe Kowalski, Chad Kapy, Rick Thorne, Cory Nastazio, Ruben Alcantara, Seth Kimbrough and Nathan Wessel. Explore 8 enormous free-roaming cities that come to life with helicopters, boats, cars and pedestrians. Full motion video and a non-linear game progression with multiple tiers of objectives further enhance the road trip experience. Manuals, wall rides, tire-taps, grinds, airs and signature tricks can be morphed and altered into hundreds of new tricks and combos. Use the next-generation BMX Course Editor to create your own dream BMX course with ramps, rails, fun boxes and a variety of other obstacles.