Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Playstation 2

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Unknown forces have set in motion a chain of events that could eliminate every living being in the Vagner System. The Rangers, an elite law enforcement organization, pose the only real threat to this sinister plot. To thwart their investigations, the conspirators orchestrate a campaign to undermine the Rangers with infiltration, sabotage, and false incrimination. Ranger Mace Griffin is framed in such a set-up and sentenced to ten years on Penal Colony Delta. In prison, Mace becomes introverted and embittered, and swears to take revenge on those who have wronged him. With the dissolution of the Rangers, law enforcement is left to the Enforcers, who prove incapable of controlling the Vagner System's criminal element. To deal with the rising wave of crime, a new organization emerges: the Guild of Bounty Hunters. A group of both terrans and aliens, it includes former members of the police and military, along with known criminals. The guild is not particular about who joins as long as they have proven combat ability. Intent on revenge, Mace Griffin sets up as a bounty hunter. The benefits are threefold: a constant stream of cash, access to classified information, and a license to explore the Vagner Frontier System and find out who was behind his downfall and that of the Rangers.