Everquest Online Adventures: Frontiers Playstation 2

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After centuries of solitude, the ogres of Oggok have finally opened their gates to the outside world. The long lost Mountains of Rathe, the volcanic Lavastorm Mountains and Veeshan's realm, The Plane of Sky, are now open to all explorers and adventurers. To the West, the Erudites have begun their massive exodus to the unknown islands of the Western Sea to escape the hypocrisy and corruption of their human neighbors. A true frontier, Odus will prove more than just a challenge to the Erudites, for their very existence is at stake. Adventure into Veeshan's home, the altered Plane of Sky. Find your way through massive hanging islands among the clouds. Untold treasures and power await any adventurer daring enough to tackle this perilous landscape. The gnomes of Klick`Anon have finally broken through the northeastern mountains and stumbled upon the tumultuous lands of Lavastorm. Reputed to be ruled by a mysterious tyrant of flame and lava, it's up to Norrath's adventurers to discover the new frontiers.