Cyber Sled Playstation

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This is a pre-owned video game and online features may not be in service.


-"Complete in Box" Refers to an Item that includes Original Disc, Case and Manual. 

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-"Disc only" is a loose disc and does not include a Case or Manual. 

*PLEASE NOTE* In any tier of condition, there may be imperfections present. Significant imperfections will be noted. All discs are in working order, regardless of aesthetic condition, and have been tested unless otherwise stated. 

Cover Art May Slightly Differ from Stock Photo.


Prosperity and decadence have spread throughout the world. However, with decadence comes decay. All spectator sports except the most bloody have disappeared, and violent duels between tanks are the most popular events. You are a contestant in one of these events, a sled jockey. Jump into one of six tanks and enter an arena as you try to avoid obstacles and blast your opponent into pieces with machine guns, heat seeking missiles, and other weapons. If your friends question your skills, challenge them to a match in the Two Player mode. Test your mettle and try to survive to see another day in CYBER SLED.