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Cartermaze TurboGrafx 16

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This is a pre-owned video game and online features may not be in service.


-"Complete in Case" Refers to an Item that includes Original Card, Case and Manual. 

-"No Manual" Refers to an item that includes the Original Card and Case.

-"Card only" is a loose disc and does not include a Case or Manual. 

*PLEASE NOTE* In any tier of condition, there may be imperfections present. Significant imperfections will be noted. All discs are in working order, regardless of aesthetic condition, and have been tested unless otherwise stated. 

Cover Art May Slightly Differ from Stock Photo.


In the game, the hero Opi is traveling through time with four of his friends when they are captured by the villain Zenzombie. He travels through various eras in time (modern, samurai, future, World War II and prehistory), collecting treasure to open doors to the next era, and kills enemies by digging holes and burying the enemies. Every 15 of the game's 60 levels, Opi rescues one of his friends.